The HKHDCA is a leading cricket association in NSW and is seeking to appoint a part-time Executive Officer (estimated at 10 hrs per week) to assist in the operation of the Association’s programs and development in a mix of administration, communication and organisational tasks.

Reporting to an Executive sub-committee, the priorities for the Executive Officer include:

  • Administration of the Association’s programs.
  • Communication with our clubs, local Government and other stakeholders.
  • Maintenance of the HKHDCA web site.
  • Research and development of Grants opportunities.

Whilst the above are the priorities for the role, the full job description is detailed below.  Specific skills in social media, website, stakeholder engagement and working with a volunteering organisation would be advantageous to your application.

The position will be subject to a sub-contractor agreement with the Association.

Applicants should contact the President, Geoff Hasler, at geoffhasler89@gmail.com presenting a resume which addresses the specifications of the position.

Payment will be negotiated in the region of $25.00 per hour and the allocation of the hours is flexible to serve the needs of the association (Approx. 10 hours per week PLUS Special Projects as directed), with estimated gross income of approximately $15,000 pa.

Closing date for applications:  Friday September 22nd

Appointment will be made in September for an immediate start.


ADMINISTRATION: (It is essential that the Executive Officer attend all monthly council, Exec meetings and AGM)

Task Activity What a good job looks like
Council/Executive Meetings Book meeting venue, preparation and distribution of agenda and minutes of previous meeting Minutes of Council and Executive are distributed to parties within 5 calendar days of meeting
Correspondence Preparation of summary of correspondence – date received/date actioned/need for further action Correspondence is actioned or forwarded to identified people within 3 days of receipt
Special General Meetings Preparation of agenda, distribution and venue / catering requirements Minutes of Special General Meetings are distributed to parties within 5 calendar days of meeting
Annual General Meeting Preparation and distribution of agenda and minutes of previous AGM. Prepare list of invitees (with President) and distribute Minutes of Annual General Meeting are distributed to parties within 5 calendar days of meeting
Maintenance of Association Documents/Statistics Maintain an electronic filing system of all correspondence in/out with major stakeholders – Councils, CNSW, Sponsors, Affiliates All files updated and saved external hard drive weekly
Risk Management Accountable for ensuring Association is registered for JLT Insurance documentation and Working with Children Documentation for appropriate association volunteers. Ensure Association has submitted and complies with insurance requirements from JLT annually.  All clubs have a current season register detailing coaches and managers with Working with Children reference numbers
Distribute Correspondence to appropriate recipients If correspondence requires wider distribution to clubs / executive / individuals Distribute correspondence to relevant person / organisation within 24 hours
My Cricket Administration Perform the role of web master, locking/unlocking results etc, updating club contacts etc, update sponsorship contacts/advertising. Complete requests for web site updates within 3 days of initial request
Establish Grants directory Assist Executive and Clubs in preparation of grants applications for Association and Club facilities and services. Suggest grant templates and review draft grant applications for submission within deadlines
Assistance to Treasurer
  • Attend to banking of cheques
  • Reconcile electronic funds transfers
  • Receive and distribute invoices as directed by the Treasurer.
  • Communicate information related to council matters including ground hire allocations and fees
  • Bank cheques within 3 working days
  • Complete reconciliation of EFT transactions by Friday each week
  • Send invoices to treasurer or distribute to persons within 24 hours of receipt
  • Distribute council matters to Treasurer within 3 days of receipt
Ground Duties
  • Book grounds as directed by Junior Coordinator, Senior Coordinator, Representative Coordinator for Seasonal Usage and/or Sunday usage.
  • Coordinate booking for special events for Ross Turner and Glenn Hourigan Cup matches and others as directed. Establish and maintain grounds bookings and create spreadsheet accessible on HKHDCA website on real-time basis.
  • When booking requests clash, seek guidance from Executive Committee
  • Ensure clubs are diligent in preparation and submission of ground reports as requested
  • Ensure that Covers Policy is followed by respective clubs and communicate covers requirements to club representatives
  • Post weather information on web site – both wet weather and hot weather decisions as directed by competition coordinators.
  • Confirm request and ground hire bookings within 48 hours of submission and receipt
  • Confirm receipt of requests upon receipt and produce evidence of bookings to users when completed
  • Spreadsheet for ground bookings is maintained and updated immediately upon confirmation of booking.
  • Send details of clash and suggest solutions to resolve within 48 hours
  • Confirm ground reports are submitted by Tuesday each week
  • Each club representative receives a SMS detailing covers requirement by 1.00pm each Friday
  • Weather updates related to ground closures are posted on the website before 5.00pm each Friday
Pre-Season Duties
  • Liaise with each of the three councils and book seasonal hire
  • Send clubs and affiliates the Request to Affiliate Forms
  • Book AGM venue and arrange catering etc.
  • Book venues for July, August, September Council/Executive meetings as directed by President
  • All grounds applications are submitted prior to due date
  • Request to Affiliate form submitted to club representatives 7 days prior to AGM
  • Book AGM venue 3 months prior to AGM scheduled date
  • Venues booked and confirmed 3 months prior to scheduled date
Post Season Duties
    • Coordinate Junior/Rep Presentation Event with Junior Coordinator and Representative Coordinator within budgeted guidelines.
    • Coordinate Junior Cap Orders and ensure adequate delivery time frame and acceptable cost.
    • Coordinate Senior Cap Orders and ensure adequate delivery time frame and acceptable costs.
    • Work with Annual Report Sub Committee to produce HKHDCA Annual Report – within budget, special project funding for Exec Officer time.
  • Work with Junior Committee to produce Junior/Rep Presentation Booklet – special project funded.
  • Confirm booking of venue 3 months prior to scheduled date
  • Order caps from provider by Friday following finals date and available for presentation night
  • Order caps from provider by Friday following finals date and available for presentation night
  • Annual report finalised 4 weeks prior to AGM, printed and received 3 days prior to AGM
  • Junior/Representative booklet finalised, printed and received 3 days prior to presentation night
Sponsorship Assist Sponsorship Committee as necessary with approval of Executive To be discussed
Fundraising Assist Fund Raising working party as necessary with approval of Executive To be discussed
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