2020/21 Helmet Policy


The SIWCC is still awaiting final confirmation on the 2020/21 helmet policy from HKHDCA. But we believe that we will be playing under the policy adopted by Cricket NSW in the 2019/20 season as set out below..
Areas that have not been confirmed are as follows…

  • Who is the arbiter of Fast & Medium bowling.
  • Whether older style helmets will be allowed for this season. 
  • What are the penalties for not wearing a helmet. (At the moment we believe batsmen will be given out “timed out” & Fielding sides “No-balled and a 5 run penalty applied”

We are certain that a helmet policy will be introduced and that kit sharing under the Covid-19 guidelines will means there will be reduced helmet availability. We are fortunate to have Kingsgrove Sport Artarmon as our Equipment Partner who are offering a member discount of 10% with Helmets starting at $70.                                 

The Batsman
A player shall wear a helmet at all times  while Batting against fast or medium paced bowling.
The Wicket-Keeper
At all times when wicket-keeping up to the stumps.
The Fielder
At all times when fielding in a position closer than 7 metres from the batsman’s position on the popping crease on a middle stump line (for example short leg or silly point),
With the exception of any fielding position behind the popping crease (on both the off and on sides.

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