Selection Policy

St Ives Wahroonga Cricket Club is a fun and friendly environment. We understand that players cannot always take on the commitment that is afforded to Grade and Shire clubs. We do, however, implement certain selection policies to allow clear resolution of selections. These policies are also implemented as Captains are volunteers who are often placed with unfair burden due to poor practices of a minority of players.

  1. The Chairman of Selectors will always have the final say but the position may be re-appointed if the management committee can prove that he or she has breached the selection policies in a manner that is not in the best interest of the club and teams.
  2. All captains will ask players at the commencement of the season for long term unavailability (weddings, holidays etc) and inform all other captains.
  3. All captains will ask players for unavailability at the end of each match and inform all other captains immediately of any unavailability.
  4. On all occasions players that are full-time paid members of the club will have priority in selection. No full-time paid member will ever be stood aside for a casual or non-paid member of the club.
  5. Whilst the club will endeavour to accommodate teams and combinations, promotion and relegation will be based on like for like wherever possible. i.e. If a well-performed bowler in B Grade moves to A Grade, A Grade will similarly be expected to demote a bowler. This policy may be loosely applied depending on the needs of teams.
  6. All captains must submit team selections by Tuesday night before the game. If they do not submit selections, they will have no rights in team selections.
  7. All team selections are considered final on the Wednesday night before each match. The release of players to other grades will only be permitted by the player’s captain and at that captain’s discretion / kindness.
  8. If a player pulls out after Wednesday night without adequate reasoning (a concert / social event / hangover is not an adequate reason for late withdrawal) they will have no rights to be reselected in that grade and may be demoted the following round.
  9. In the case of A Grade players, any player that does not perform cover duties without adequate reasoning will be demoted for the following round only (he may be subsequently demoted based on performance).
  10. Players that attend training sessions on a regular basis will be given priority to play in the grade they wish, within reason and ability.